PRS, Inc.

PRS, Inc. is a Virginia corporation involved in several projects. These include recording, consulting, and set construction for children's theatrical productions. Click Frick & Frack Music below to learn more.

A compact disc entitled 'Spin Around Stafford' was produced in 2011 for those wanting to learn about the 400+ years of recorded history in Stafford County, VA. It is a full audio disc and it tells of different sections of the county in a story like manner.  Click on the Historical Society link below. Copies are available from the webmaster at $6.00 each.

Additionally, there is now available a 116 page all color book entitled THE GREAT AMERICAN MAILBOX. This piece of Americana features photos of interesting rural mailboxes and their installation. Priced at $20 plus postage or two or more for $18 each, this is a gift which can be given on special occasions and on short notice. Great for your favorite mail carrier, a guest, or for yourself.  Copies are available from the webmaster.


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