Conservation of this planet's natural resources is important to all citizens.

The mission of the local soil and water district is to provide leadership, education and technical programs to assist all resources users to conserve, sustain, and improve soil, water, and related resources.

Having first directed the staff in Richmond, Art now serves as an elected Director for Stafford County where he chairs the legislative and personnel committees. Here are some helpful links.

Tri-County City Soil and Water Conservation District 

VA Assn of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

National Association of Conservation Districts

VA Depart. of Conservation and Recreation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation website

Horse Management

Conserve Water Always

Chesapeake Bay Challenges

Strategy Point Paper on Ecology/Environment

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" shall be the Commonwealth's policy to protect its atmosphere, lands, and waters from pollution, impairment, or destruction, for the benefit, enjoyment and general welfare of the people of the Commonwealth"
Section 1 Article XI of the Virginia Constitution